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Discover Sirenia, a typeface inspired by nature with totally organic letterforms and flowing transitions.

Designed by Felix Braden of Floodfonts, the Sirenia font family comes with soft edges and round shapes that give the typeface an organic look as if the letters grew naturally. If you’re into calligraphy, you’ll see influences from that too since Sirenia is based on a written construction done with one stroke. The natural appearance is perfect for products related to sustainability and healthy living or for use in food & beverage branding.

The nine available weights and corresponding italics give the typeface a wide range of expressions. For example, the lightweights appear elegant and filigree whereas the medium weights change the character to that of a dynamic brush typeface. In contrast, heavyweights take on a fun, almost psychedelic bubblegum aesthetic.

Sirenia’s 1270 characters provide ample opportunity for designers to experiment and showcase their creativity. This font is perfect for branding, packaging, and advertising purposes. It Is highly legible even in small font sizes and looks great on screen.

Sirenia is part of the Adobe Fonts library. With an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, you can use it for free for both personal and commercial purposes.

Sirenia font family by Felix Braden of type foundry Floodfonts
Sirenia font family by Felix Braden of type foundry Floodfonts

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