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For all who want to know the latest news from the world of art, this is the category that keeps you up to date! We feature talented artists from all over the world and provide you with information on current and forthcoming exhibitions. Whether timeless masterpieces or modern art, we show you the very best from different artistic fields. For artist features and exhibition announcements, please write to meandyou@weandthecolor.com.

Trendy minimalist abstract and geometric graphics.

Trendy Minimalist Abstract and Geometric Graphics

Available for download at Adobe Stock, these trendy abstract and geometric graphics are ideal to create minimalist artworks with a hand-drawn style.
Paintings by artist Devin Johnson

Paintings by Artist Devin B. Johnson

Artist feature: discover the creative universe of Devin B. Johnson. Devin B. Johnson received his BA in Fine Arts...
Oil painting by American artist Mike Mellia.

Paintings by American Artist Mike Mellia

Have a look at some of Mike Mellia's latest oil paintings. Mike Mellia is a New York City native...
Paintings of landscapes by Tomas Sanchez.

Paintings of Landscapes by Tomas Sanchez

Visual artist Tomas Sanchez creates dreamlike paintings inspired by nature and meditation. Born in 1948, Tomas Sanchez is a...
Every Day, a photo series by Dmitri Pryahin.

Every Day — Photography by Dmitri Pryahin

Every Day, a unique photo project by Russian photographer Dmitri Pryahin. Dmitri Pryahin is a Saint Petersburg-based photographer specializing...
The Potential of AR in the Art and Design Industry

The Potential of AR in the Art and Design Industry

People are finding new ways to create, collect, and view art. For example, creative professional Dirk Koy made an interactive video that...
Wool on Foam portraits by Salman Khoshroo

Wool on Foam Portraits by Salman Khoshroo

Have a look at these artistic portraits created by mixed-media artist Salman Khoshroo using wool on foam. Born in...
'Stairs' is an Escher-inspired series of architectural 3D renderings by Murat Yıldırım.

‘Stairs’ — Escher-inspired Architectural 3D Renderings

Murat Yıldırım has created a series of Escher-inspired architectural 3D renderings in a surreal style. Murat Yıldırım is...
Paintings from the series 'All the Memories' by Katia Lifshin.

Paintings from the Series ‘All the Memories’ by Katia Lifshin

Artist feature: Katia Lifshin and her series of paintings named "All the Memories". Katia Lifshin is a Ukrainian-born artist...
Blank Slate photo series by photographer and artist Brooke DiDonato.

Blank Slate Photo Project by Photographer & Artist Brooke DiDonato.

Blank Slate, an artistic photography project by Brooke DiDonato that plays with reduction, patterns, or unexpected ensembles to challenge our perception.
Quentin Monge Prints

Quentin Monge Prints: Playful Illustrations Inspired by Artists such as Henri...

Have a look at this diverse selection of playful prints created by French illustrator Quentin Monge. Much time has...
Form research by graphic and type designer Fatih Hardal.

Form Research by Fatih Hardal

Form research, an Op Art-inspired series of minimalist graphics and geometric shapes created by graphic and type designer Fatih Hardal.