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For all who want to know the latest news from the world of art, this is the category that keeps you up to date! We feature talented artists from all over the world and provide you with information on current and forthcoming exhibitions. Whether timeless masterpieces or modern art, we show you the very best from different artistic fields. For artist features and exhibition announcements, please write to meandyou@weandthecolor.com.

Closerie - Drawing by Cédric Rivrain

Closerie – Drawing by Cédric Rivrain

Closerie. A drawing from 2012 by illustrator and artist Cédric Rivrain. More artworks on his Facebook Page.
Look into My Eyes - Drawing by Toby Melville-Brown

Drawings by Toby Melville-Brown

Architectural Drawings. Several drawings and illustrations by Toby Melville-Brown, taken from different commissioned and personal projects. The words: fictional, surreal, and detailed describe his architectural drawings probably...
Abstract digital shapes.

SINAIS by NastPlas

SINAIS, a digital art series by NastPlas. Nastplas is a Madrid, Spain based creative duo founded in 2006 by illustrator Fran R. Learte 'drFranken' and...
This ceramic sculpture is part of May Von Krogh's installation Angels trumpet and the milky moon violin.

May Von Krogh Artist and Sculptor

Selected pieces of sculptures and installations by Norwegian artist May Von Krogh. May Von Krogh was born in 1977. The Norwegian artist and sculptor lives...
This piece of art named 'under form' has been created in the size of 24x36 inch.

Erik Jones Art

Erik Jones, a contemporary figure artist. Erik Jones is a contemporary painter who lives and works in Brooklyn, NYC. Colorful portraits of women are mostly his central...
FADfest 2013 - Design Festival in Barcelona

FADfest 2013 – Welcome to The Festival of All Design

FADfest 2013 - Barcelona Design Festival. The FADfest is the Barcelona-based Festival of All Design curated by FAD (Fostering Arts and Design). FADfest is a...
Editorial Illustrations by Victo Ngai for Business and Trade

Editorial Illustrations by Victo Ngai for Business and Trade

Asian Style Editorial Illustrations. A collection of editorial illustrations for Business and Trade created by Victo Ngai, a New York-based illustrator from Hong Kong. Victo...
Values! Trend Diary 2013 by Eiga Design with artworks by 53 Artists and Designers 23358

Values! Trend Diary 2013 by Eiga Design

Art and Design Publication for 2013. Values! Trend Diary 2013 is an art and design publication in the form of a calendar by Eiga Design....
Matthias Bitzer – artist retrospective published by Distanz.

Matthias Bitzer – Artist Retrospective

Book recommendation: Matthias Bitzer, a retrospective focusing on four of his most representative solo exhibitions. Matthias Bitzer was born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1975. Today...
Graphite Drawing by Carl Krull

Pencil on Paper Drawings by Carl Krull

Scroll Drawings. Pencil on paper drawings by Copenhagen, Denmark based artist Carl Krull. The selected drawings are taken from a series of artworks created during...
Blanket made of soft & flexible wood pieces by German textile designer Elisa Stotzyk - close up

RED NEVER FOLLOWS – Exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery

RED NEVER FOLLOWS. The "RED NEVER FOLLOWS" exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery features 20 iconic items by 20 contemporary artists and designers from around the...
Illustration by Ray Morimura

Artworks by Ray Morimura

Beautiful Japanese Art Works by Ray Morimura, a Japanese painter and woodblock printmaker.