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For all who want to know the latest news from the world of art, this is the category that keeps you up to date! We feature talented artists from all over the world and provide you with information on current and forthcoming exhibitions. Whether timeless masterpieces or modern art, we show you the very best from different artistic fields. For artist features and exhibition announcements, please write to meandyou@weandthecolor.com.

Photographic Paintings by Fabian Oefner.

Fabian Oefner – Photographic Paintings

Photographic paintings by Swiss visual artist and photographer Fabian Oefner. Fabian Oefner's series of photographic paintings is an artistic exploration of the limits and possibilities...
The Future Museum in Nuremberg presents Science and Fiction designed by ATELIER BRÜCKNER.

The Future Museum in Nuremberg presents Science and Fiction by ATELIER...

"Five color-coded theme-based areas invite visitors to take a close look at what the future has in store..." "In the center of Nuremberg's historic district, "Das Zukunftsmuseum"...

Artwork by Leif Podhajsky

"Ascension" Digital Artwork Designed by artist and creative director Leif Podhajsky. "His work explores themes of connectedness, the relevance of nature and the psychedelic or altered...
Miniature worlds by Takanori Aiba

Incredible Miniature Worlds by Artist Takanori Aiba

Miniature Worlds. Super detailed miniture town sculptures by illustrator and architect Takanori Aiba. source: booooooom.com
Illustration by Helena Frank for the series Me & My Family

Creative Illustrations by Helena Frank

Funny Illustrations. A couple of stunning illustrations of funny characters created by Helena Frank, an award-winning illustrator and animation director based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Helena...
Print by Russ Mills

Digital Paintings by Byroglyphics

Digital Art Inspiration. Some prints of the digital paintings by byroglyphics aka Russ Mills.
Peter Halley at Gary Tatintsian Gallery.

Peter Halley at Gary Tatintsian Gallery

American artist Peter Halley in a solo exhibition at Gary Tatintsian Gallery in Moscow, Russia. On display until September 10, 2017, Moscow based Gary Tatintsian...
Brace For Impact by artist David FeBland

David FeBland at George Billis Gallery in NYC

'New York Values', a solo show with art by David FeBland at the George Billis Gallery in New York City. Opening tonight, George Billis Gallery...
Art Equipments Scene Generator V4.

Art Equipments Scene Generator V4

The Art Equipments Scene Generator volume 4 from Mockup Zone. You may remember the Art Equipments Scene Generator V3, which I introduced to you some...
Origamis - Artwork by Studio l' Eetiquette

Origamis – Artworks by Studio l’ Eetiquette

Origamis. A series of creative artworks by Studio l' Eetiquette, a multidisciplinary studio based in Paris. The creative studio specializes in photography, visual artworks, video production and...
Mural Artist Helen Bur at Nuart Festival 2018

Mural Artist Helen Bur at Nuart Festival 2018

Held in Stavanger, Norway, British Mural Artist Helen Bur was invited to the Nuart Festival 2018. There are so many talented mural artists out there;...
Substance and Increase - exhibition at Sapar Contemporary in Tribeca.

Shinji Turner-Yamamoto and Gabriela Albergaria at Sapar Contemporary

Substance and Increase, an exhibition by Gabriela Albergaria and Shinji Turner-Yamamoto at Sapar Contemporary in Tribeca. On display since February 15, Sapar Contemporary's current exhibition...