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For all who want to know the latest news from the world of art, this is the category that keeps you up to date! We feature talented artists from all over the world and provide you with information on current and forthcoming exhibitions. Whether timeless masterpieces or modern art, we show you the very best from different artistic fields. For artist features and exhibition announcements, please write to meandyou@weandthecolor.com.

Two artworks side by side.

Paul Kremer Paintings

Eyes on American artist Paul Kremer and his minimalist Color Field paintings. Paul Kremer was born in January 2, 1971. He is an American artist who lives...
Rainbow – work by Isabelle Beaubien acrylic and resin on canvas.

Isabelle Beaubien – Visual Artist

Eyes on Canadian artist Isabelle Beaubien. Isabelle Beaubien was born and raised in Montreal, Canada where she studied Fine Arts at Concordia University. Thereafter she moved...
Contortion drawing series by Ingrid Maillard.

Contortion by Ingrid Maillard

Contortion – drawings with color and graphite on paper by Ingrid Maillard. Ingrid Maillard is a french visual artist and illustrator who currently lives and...
Peter Halley at Gary Tatintsian Gallery.

Peter Halley at Gary Tatintsian Gallery

American artist Peter Halley in a solo exhibition at Gary Tatintsian Gallery in Moscow, Russia. On display until September 10, 2017, Moscow based Gary Tatintsian...
Robert Standish, Aspect Dawning

Robert Standish, Aspect Dawning

"Aspect Dawning", an exclusive online ARTSY exhibition of paintings by acclaimed emerging Los Angeles artist Robert Standish, presented by Mark Moore...
Pinstripe suit jacket by Yves Saint Laurent.

Satellite Journal – Collages by Lola Dupre

Counting Sheep, a series of collages by Lola Dupre for Satellite Journal Volume I: 'We The People'. For 'Counting Sheep', Spanish artist and illustrator Lola Dupre...
The series by Petro Vrellis is inspired by El Greco’s paintings.

Amazing Knit Artworks by Petro Vrellis

Using a simple thread, Greek artist Petro Vrellis creates portraits inspired by El Greco’s paintings. Petros Vrellis is an exceptional artist who skillfully combines technological...
Michael Burges – Behind the Glass solo show at JanKossen Contemporary

Michael Burges: Behind the Glass at JanKossen Contemporary NYC

Only four days left of 'Behind The Glass', Michael Burges’ first solo show in New York at JanKossen Contemporary. On view since October 20, 2016,...
Mural by Italian artist Francesco Camillo Giorgino, aka Millo.

Millo Mural in Fontanelle, Pescara, Italy

"Dream", a new mural in Pescara, Italy by street artist Francesco Camillo Giorgino, aka Millo. Simply known as 'Millo', Francesco Camillo Giorgino is an Italian...
Displace Color by Newdo Pedroso

Displace Color by Newdo Pedroso

Displace Color, a series of abstract digital portraits by Newdo Pedroso. Newdo Pedroso is the name of a Brazilian...
Form research by graphic and type designer Fatih Hardal.

Form Research by Fatih Hardal

Form research, an Op Art-inspired series of minimalist graphics and geometric shapes created by graphic and type designer Fatih Hardal.
A piece from the collection of Hook LDN, top from Motel Rocks, skirt from Minnan Hui, and collar by Velvet Eccentric.

Eyewear and Garments Artistically Presented

Artistic editorial pieces for Eye Republic magazine featuring a fine collection of eyewear and garments. This collection of editorial pieces is a great expample of...