They know well how to use this poison, oil painting on canvas in the size of 150 x 150 cm.

Turkish Artist Eda Gecikmez

Eyes on Turkish artist Eda Gecikmez and her surreal paintings. The talented artist first saw the light of day in Istanbul in 1984. Eda Gecikmez...
Coma, another piece of Alice Morishita's body of work.

Alice Morishita at Nomad Store & Gallery, Berlin

From September 2 - September 22, 2016, Nomad Store & Gallery in Berlin presents artworks by Alice Morishita in the exhibition 'Trails of the...
The Perils of Infinite Promise – artwork by painter Conor Harrington

Paintings by Conor Harrington

Eyes on Irish-born graffiti artist and painter Conor Harrington. Conor Harrington was born in 1980 in Cork, Ireland. From 1998 – 2004, he studied at...
Edge of Space - Yasuaki Onishi solo exhibition at ARTCOURT Gallery, Osaka Japan.

Yasuaki Onishi – Edge of Space

Edge of Space - Yasuaki Onishi's latest solo exhibition at ARTCOURT Gallery in Osaka Japan. Japanese contemporary artist and sculptor Yasuaki Onishi sent us some...
Music generated pattern graphics by Gunther Kleinert.

Music Generated Pattern Graphics by Gunther Kleinert

I can see music, a graphic project by Gunther Kleinert based on music generated patterns. Gunther Kleinert is a Hamburg, Germany based product and interior...
American artist Clare Rojas.

Artist Clare Rojas – Geometric Abstraction

Clare Rojas' visual art of pure geometric abstraction. Clare Rojas was born in 1976 in Columbus, Ohio. She currently lives and works as an internationally...
Robert Janitz – Days of Hand, 2014

Robert Janitz – German Artist

Eyes on German artist Robert Janitz and his expressive paintings. Robert Janitz was born in 1962 in Alsfeld, Hesse, Germany. Today he lives and works...
Body paintings that interact with the environment by Trina Merry.

Trina Merry – Body Painting

Images from live body painting performances by Trina Merry. Born in 1980 in Seattle, WA, Trina Merry is an American artist who currently lives in...
Artworks from the series Sand by Amelia Carley

The Art of Amelia Carley

Selected artworks from the series Sand by Amelia Carley. Born and raised in Colorado, Amelia Carley was surrounded by the expansive Western landscapes. She spent...
Artist Ian Greig at Arthouse Gallery

Artist Ian Greig at Arthouse Gallery

Not Fade Away, a visually poetic new series of works by artist Ian Greig on display at Arthouse Gallery.
Rain Dance - Acrylic Painting on Canvas by Rom Villaseran

Acrylic Paintings by Rom Villaseran

Inspiring Art. Acrylic paintings on canvas by Manila-based artist Rom Villaseran.
Teo González at Thatcher Projects.

Teo González at Thatcher Projects

Solo exhibition by Brooklyn-based artist Teo González at Margaret Thatcher Projects. From April 28 to June 4, 2016, Margaret Thatcher Projects proudly presents 'Arch/Horizon Paintings',...