In terms of global science and technology leadership, Danaher has long been a prominent player, comprising over 15 operating companies across the vast landscape of life sciences and diagnostics. Recently, this behemoth unveiled a new brand identity, a transformation carefully crafted in collaboration with the renowned global creative agency, Lippincott. This metamorphosis is more than a mere visual makeover—it’s a shift towards a brand that embodies vibrancy, dynamism, and, most notably, “innovation at the speed of life.”

Danaher rebrand by Lippincott
Danaher rebrand by Lippincott

The heart of this transformation lies in a new logo, a fresh voice, captivating illustrations, and engaging motion graphics—all meticulously designed to breathe new life into the Danaher brand. This reimagination, a ground-up rejuvenation, positions Danaher as a powerful corporate brand, serving as a focal point for both talent attraction and the establishment of world-class partnerships within the expansive health and life sciences ecosystem.

The creative force behind this transformation, Lippincott, played an instrumental role in shaping the new identity. From videos to social media assets, events, and tradeshows, Lippincott’s expertise was evident in every facet of the rebranding process. However, the true centerpiece of this endeavor is the newly revamped This digital hub serves as the nexus for telling the brand’s compelling narrative and immersing visitors in the tangible and significant impact of Danaher’s groundbreaking innovations.

This rebranding effort is more than a facelift—it’s a strategic move that aligns Danaher with its vision of fostering innovation that resonates with the fast-paced rhythm of life. It’s a declaration of Danaher’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of science and technology, making a lasting mark on the world, and inspiring the generations to come. Through this collaboration with Lippincott, Danaher has successfully positioned itself as a beacon, drawing in talent and forging partnerships that will shape the future of health and life sciences. The journey towards innovation has just become more inviting and vibrant with Danaher’s new brand identity leading the way.

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