Your Majesty - Poster Experiments

Poster Design Experiments by Erik Jonsson

Your Majesty - Experimental Digital Art Prints. Works from a print series of the Your Majesty poster experiments by Art Direcor Erik Jonsson.
Laurence Demaison Photography

Experimental Art Photography by Laurence Demaison

Art Photography. Experimental black and white self-portraits with distortion effects by Laurence Demaison. The photographer uses analog techniques for the photography itself, development and printing.

Anatomical Cross Sections in Paper From the Tissue Series by Lisa...

Anatomical cross sections in paper from the Tissue Series by Lisa Nilsson.
Artwork from the Fiction series by illustrator Ben Tolman.

Ben Tolman – Drawings from the Fiction Series

Fictions, a surreal illustration series by Ben Tolman. Ben Tolman is an artist and illustrator who lives and works in Washington DC. He received a...
Visual artist Elisabeth McBrien

Elisabeth McBrien: Visual Artist

Eyes on visual artist Elisabeth McBrien. Born in 1988 in Brattleboro, VT, Elisabeth McBrien received her BFA in painting from the Hartford Art School, CT...
Pinstripe suit jacket by Yves Saint Laurent.

Satellite Journal – Collages by Lola Dupre

Counting Sheep, a series of collages by Lola Dupre for Satellite Journal Volume I: 'We The People'. For 'Counting Sheep', Spanish artist and illustrator Lola Dupre...
'No Place Like Home' - acrylic painting on canvas in the size of 100 cm x 100 cm.

‘No Place Like Home’ – Paintings by Artist Sam Octigan

Selected paintings by Melbourne-based artist Sam Octigan from his latest solo exhibition 'No Place Like Home' at the RVCA Corner Gallery. Sam Octigan is an...
Continuum - Collage on Paper by Artist Robert Hardgrave

Visual Art Inspiration – Paintings by Robert Hardgrave

Inspiring Abstract Art. A collection of paintings and collages by visual artist Robert Hardgrave. Artist's statement: "My paintings are meditations on the unpredictability of life. Despite...
Acrylic Painting by Riccardo Guasco

Acrylic Painting by Riccardo Guasco

Acrylic on canvas From the series "106 | Barrì Gotic" People in Tapas Bar. Artwork by Riccardo Guasco.
Used to be, collage on paper from 2014.

Collages by David Delruelle

Artist feature: David Delruelle, a Brussels-based artist who creates highly emotional collages. With his compositions, David Delruelle wants to explore the inner turmoil of humanity....
MoMA's permanent collection Making Music Modern Design for Ear and Eye.

Mirko Ilić at MoMA Exhibition: Making Music Modern

MoMA added 4 designs by Mirko Ilić to their permanent collection "Making Music Modern: Design for Ear and Eye". Mirko Ilić recently informed me that...