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For all who want to know the latest news from the world of art, this is the category that keeps you up to date! We feature talented artists from all over the world and provide you with information on current and forthcoming exhibitions. Whether timeless masterpieces or modern art, we show you the very best from different artistic fields. For artist features and exhibition announcements, please write to meandyou@weandthecolor.com.

Facades Photographic Project by Zacharie Gaudrillot-Roy

Facades – Photographic Project by Zacharie Gaudrillot-Roy

Facades - A Personal Photographic Project. Zacharie Gaudrillot-Roy was born in 1986 in L'Arbresle, France. His photographic work has been shown in numerous exhibitions. The...
The War Rooms Futuristic Illustrations by Ned Scott

The War Rooms – Futuristic Illustrations by Ned Scott

The War Rooms, St. James's Park. Science fictional and architectural drawings by Ned Scott for The War Rooms. "The War Rooms takes a science fictional premise,...
Pennacchio Argentato Artwork from 2011

Artworks and Installations by Pennacchio Argentato

The Art of Pennacchio Argentato. Selected artworks and installations created by Pennacchio Argentato, an artist duo consisting of Marisa Argentato (1977, Naples, Italy) and Pasquale...
Painting by Horyon Lee

Seductive Paintings by Horyon Lee

Provoking motion blurred double vision paintings. This is a small collection of oil paintings by artist Horyon Lee. The artist portrays girls in a kind...
Digital work from a project of two pieces called Life.

David DELIN aka 28162

The digital art of David DELIN aka 28162. David DELIN aka 28162 is a digital artist who lives and works in Nantes, France. He describes...
Illustration by Mojo Wang

Stunning Illustrations by Mojo Wang

Creative Illustrations. Mojo Wang is a senior desginer and freelance illustrator based in Shanghai, China. Below you can find a small selection of his stunning...
Dry flood installation by Peter Zimmermann.

Peter Zimmermann – Dry Flood Installation

Artist Peter Zimmermann has created a flood-like installation in Freiburg, Germany. German artist Peter Zimmermann was born in 1956 in the city of Freiburg. Today...
Vacation - painting on wood panel.

Cinta Vidal – Gravitant at Miscelanea in Barcelona

Surreal paintings by Cinta Vidal from her exhibition "Gravitant" at Miscelanea in Barcelona. Cinta Vidal is a Spanish artist who studied at Escola Massana in...
Multiplicity - Artwork by Julia Sonmi Heglund

Amazing Illustration by Julia Sonmi Heglund

Multiplicity. Stunning illustration art by artist Julia Sonmi Heglund. Available here in different print sizes as poster, canvases, iPhone/iPod casas and skins.
Every Day, a photo series by Dmitri Pryahin.

Every Day — Photography by Dmitri Pryahin

Every Day, a unique photo project by Russian photographer Dmitri Pryahin. Dmitri Pryahin is a Saint Petersburg-based photographer specializing in experimental and artistic photo projects....
Katy Ann Gilmore working on a mural.

Katy Ann Gilmore – Abstract Topographical Investigations

Abstract topographical investigations by Los Angeles based visual artist Katy Ann Gilmore. Katy Ann Gilmore has graduated with a BA in Mathematics, Art, and Spanish...
Numerous artworks by Koen Delaere at an exhibition.

Textured Artworks by Koen Delaere

Eyes on Belgian artist Koen Delaere and his textured paintings. Koen Delaere was born in 1970 in St Michiels, Brugges, Belgium. He studied Painting and...