Published in 2017 by type foundry Latinotype, Javiera is a geometric sans serif that comes in 12 styles.

Here comes another representative of a geometric sans serif typeface with humanist attributes. The Javiera font family has been designed by Enrique Hernandez in 2016/2017 with the attempt to create a versatile and friendly typeface that can be used for diverse branding and publishing projects. Please read more about its features below or click on the following link to purchase the family on Fontspring.

You can get it here.

Javiera, a geometric sans serif designed by Enrique Hernandez.
Javiera, a geometric sans serif designed by Enrique Hernandez.

Javiera’s characteristic features.

The Javiera font family is mainly characterized by a small x-height, which gives ascenders and descenders a longer look. The curved terminals make it an even more friendly and smooth typeface. By enabling alternate letters, users are able to give their writings a more versatile look and feel. The family includes 6 weights ranging from thin to black plus matching Italics. The character set includes 400 glyphs to support more than 200 languages. For additional information, feel free to follow the link below.

You can purchase the family is introductory offer on Fontspring.

Javiera font family comes in twelve styles.
The font family comes in twelve styles.
Javiera fonts, text samples.
Text samples.
Javiera Black details.
Javiera Black details.
Javiera font family, Stylistic alternates.
Equipped with stylistic alternates.
Javiera, examples of use.
Examples of use.

The family is currently available as introductory offer on Fontspring.

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