Infinitive Factory – Branding by Studio Bruch

Art direction, graphic design, and branding by studio Bruch for the letterpress printing house Infinitive Factory.

Bruch — Idee & Form is a Graz, Austria based graphic design studio focusing on brand development as well as editorial and packaging design. Their team was recently asked to create a vivid and flexible brand system for Infinitive Factory, which can be applied to different media and proportions. Infinitve Factory (short: IF) is a first class letterpress printing house. They are best known for an exceptional quality and the realization of almost any kind of customer-specific requirements. With creative ideas and diverse experiments, they are always eager to push the limits of letterpress printing. Please read more below.

Infinitive Factory – letterpress printing house.
Infinitive Factory, a letterpress printing house with amazing skills.

A new brand identity that reflects the possibilities of letterpress printing.

Studio Bruch has decided to create a playful take on the abbreviation ‘IF’. These two letters in combination form the basis of the highly flexible brand identity system. The clear structure is accompanied by a vivid range of illustrations, graphics, and typography to show numerous possibilities of letterpress printing as well as diverse finishing options. Below you can find a few more examples of the unique brand identity. For those of you who are interested to know more about graphic design studio Bruch, please visit their website.

Creative letterpress design.
“What if gradient meets triangle.” Creative letterpress design by studio Bruch.
A playful take on the abbreviation IF.
The whole visual identity creates a playful take on the abbreviation IF.
Business cards.
Well designed business cards. These examples provide a simple typographic design, which is highlighted by colorful edges.
A vivid and flexible brand system.
A vivid and flexible brand system with lots of graphics, illustrations, and typography.
Branding by graphic design studio Bruch.
Unique branding by graphic design studio Bruch.

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