Prangs Typeface from Sudtipos

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Prangs, an Italic Didone typeface with a modern twist.

Prangs is a newly designed typeface from foundry Sudtipos. It’s Alejandro Paul’s successful attempt to revive an old lettering for sign painters – found in a book by American printer and publisher, Louis Prang. During the late 19th century, Prang has published several instructional books but today he’s best known as the father of the American Christmas card. The one lettering that caught Alejandro Paul’s attention was an Italic Didone with an interesting little twist. All lowercase letters were almost entirely connected, which created a superb interplay between modern typography and classic calligraphy. And so Alejandro Paul decided to create Prangs, an Italic Didone consisting of three weights including Light, Regular, and Bold. Read more information below the first image or click on the following link.

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Prangs typeface is based on an italic Didone with a modern twist.
The Prangs typeface is based on an italic Didone with a modern twist.

Font specifications and typographic features.

Each weight comprises 1400 glyphs. Furthermore, Prangs comes with numerous OpenType features and Latin language support. With several alternates in caps and lowercase letters as well as elegant swashes, this typeface celebrates the convergence of modern and classic typography. You can use it for a variety of applications such as branding projects, book titles, packaging design, just to name a few. This Italic Didone type set is available on MyFonts as both desktop font and webfont. For additional information on all features, just follow the link below.

The typeface is available in all three weights here.

Alternates in caps and lowercase letters.
Alternates in caps and lowercase letters.
The Prangs family consist of three weights.
The Prangs family consist of three weights.
Prangs typeface from Sudtipos.
Prangs typeface from Sudtipos.

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