Imagine Aruba’s breathtaking landscapes – the whispering dunes, the vibrant coral reefs, the hidden secrets of the caves. Now imagine a voice for all that natural wonder, a way to rally the island’s heart and soul behind its preservation. That’s the magic How&How, a branding agency, weaved with the Aruba Conservation Foundation (ACF) in a recent project.

Forget the usual focus on tourism. The ACF, formerly known as the National Park Foundation, isn’t chasing visitor numbers. Their mission is far grander: to be Aruba’s champion for island-wide biodiversity. They protect over 24% of Aruba’s natural treasures, from the delicate mangroves to the playful flora and fauna.

Here’s where How&How stepped in. They realized the ACF wasn’t looking for a flashy makeover to lure in tourists. They craved a transformation that would ignite local pride, a call to action that resonated with the very people who call Aruba home.

Rebrand by How Studio for the National Park of Aruba
Rebrand by How&How for the National Park of Aruba

The answer? Reframing the ACF as Aruba’s “Voice of Nature.” This powerful metaphor positions them as nature’s advocate, speaking for the whispers of the ecosystems and reminding Arubans of their deep connection to the land. It’s about becoming a spokesperson for the often-overlooked wonders of Aruba, sparking a sense of responsibility and oneness with the natural world.

This voice wasn’t just about words. How&How created a visual identity that echoed the message. The logo itself is a beautiful blend of land, sea, and a sense of collective action. It’s authoritative, and bold, and speaks volumes about the ACF’s role.

And the details are just as impressive. A complex color palette captures the essence of Aruba’s diverse landscapes – the golden dunes, the turquoise ocean, and the vibrant green of the scrubland. They even developed a modular illustration system, where plants and animals can “grow” to fit any layout, showcasing the interconnectedness of Aruba’s ecosystem.

This isn’t just a branding project; it’s a conversation starter. It’s about translating the whispers of nature into real action, empowering the ACF to lead with compassion and authority for years to come. Aruba’s nature is finally getting the voice it deserves, and with How&How’s help, that voice is about to get a whole lot louder.

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