Heading Now, a new superfamily with 160 variant combinations.

Published by foundry Zetafonts in 2021, Heading Now is the new incarnation of Heading Pro. Based on the original typeface designed by Francesco Canovaro, it is now built around ten different widths ranging from ultra-compressed to ultra-wide. In addition, Heading Now comes with eight weights ranging from thin to heavy.

Heading Now is a sans serif made for use as a space-optimizing typeface for headers and titles. Its compressed widths can manage space on the printed page and on the screen while its extended width variants are ready to be used for titling where style matters more than pixel or paper economy. Heading Now’s medium width range can be used for body texts. To learn more about this gigantic font family, just click on the following link or have a look at the images below.

Heading Now font family from Zetafonts
Heading Now font family from Zetafonts

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