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Gilroy, a modern sans serif font family by Radomir Tinkov.

Designed and published by Radomir Tinkov in 2016, the Gilroy font family has been developed to meet today’s typographical requirements. Uncompromising and precise in every aspect of design, this modern sans serif typeface comes in 20 styles consisting of 10 uprights and 10 Italics. The diverse weights range from a delicate thin version up to a massive heavy weight. Whether printed matter or on screen, with its geometric touch and plenty of typographic features, the Gilroy font family is a great choice for a variety of applications including websites, mobile apps, branding, signage, editorial design, etc. Please read more below or click on the following link to get further information.

The Gilroy font family is available for purchase on Fontspring.

Gilroy font family by Radomir Tinkov.
Gilroy font family by Radomir Tinkov.

Gilroy’s professional typographic features.

As already mentioned, this modern sans serif type family includes numerous OpenType features such as fractions, tabular figures, arrows, ligatures, just to name a few. Furthermore, the family supports multiple languages including Cyrillic letters. Due to its diverse weights, you can use this typeface for both striking headlines and long text sections. If you want to have this professional sans serif for your next project, you can get it with all included styles as both web and desktop font on Fontspring.

The complete family is available here.

Modern sans serif text sample.
Text sample of this modern sans serif typeface.
20 styles
20 styles including 10 uprights plus 10 Italics. The diverse weights range from thin to Heavy.
Multi language support including Cyrillic letters.
Its multi language support also includes Cyrillic letters.
Example of use.
This example of use shows a two-sided business card.

Get this modern type family on Fontspring.

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