DIN Next Font Family from Linotype

Download the DIN Next font family from type foundry Linotype.

The abbreviation “DIN” has its origin in the name “Deutsches Institut für Normung”, which means “German Institute for Standardization”. The DIN typeface came to life as DIN Institute’s standard no. DIN 1451, which was first published in 1931. The family included a variety of different types intended for different applications such as mechanically engraved lettering, hand-lettering, lettering stencils, and printing types. These variety of fonts could be used in the fields of signage, traffic signs, wayfinding as well as lettering on technical drawings and technical documentation. All letters are based on a simple, geometric style in order to ensure easy reproduction and legibility.

Until today, the typeface has been used for road signs and industrial labels. Since the 1990s, even more versions came to life for use in book and magazine lettering. The DIN Next font family was designed by Akira Kobayashi for foundry Linotype as a typographically corrected and even more expanded version of this trailblazing sans serif type family.

You can buy the DIN Next font family on MyFonts.

The DIN Next font family from Linotype
The DIN Next font family from Linotype

You can download the DIN Next font family on MyFonts.com


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