Xenois Font Family by Linotype

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Xenois Family.

Xenois is an extensive font collection, which includes 6 sub-families: Xenois Sans, Xenois Serif, Xenois Semi, Xenois Soft, Xenois Slab, and Xenois Super. The entire family was designed by Erik Faulhaber (Font Publisher: Linotype). Xenois with all its sub-families is intended for a wide range of use. Whether screen or print, Xenois is well suited for identity projects, advertising campaigns, annual reports, websites, and anywhere where modern typography is required. The diversity of styles and the well kerning make this sweeping font family very legible in both headlines as well as text. All sub-families are based on the same typeface. They have the same cap height as well as the same lowercase x-height and the same stem weights. Because of that, the individual styles can be easily combined with each other. Xenois also includes lots of OpenType features and a character set that supports multiple languages.

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Xenois Family by Linotype
Xenois Family by Linotype

The entire Xenois font family with all sub-families is available for purchase on Myfonts.com

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