Typodarium 2019, a calendar that serves as vibrant font book and typo trend radar.

Designed by Florian Hauer and edited by Raban Ruddigkeit and Lars Harmsen, Typodarium 2019 is more than just a simple tear-off calendar for typo nerds like us. For some, it is a colorful calendar that brings simply joy, while others use it to discover new typefaces or just as a source of typographic inspiration. Raban Ruddigkeit and Lars Harmsen have deliberately scouted the upcoming typo stars from around the world. Every year, they do it with a different focus.

The calendar is available for purchase directly from the publisher’s website or at Amazon.

Typodarium 2019
Typodarium 2019 – 365 days of colorful fonts directly out of the box.
Typodarium 2019
January 23 features a rather clean and modern typeface.
Typodarium 2019
Typodarium 2019 – what a colorful collection, isn’t it?
Typodarium 2019
Typodarium 2019 – this calendar adds some color to your days.
Typodarium 2019
Find new typefaces that you can use in your upcoming design projects.

All images © by Florian Hauer, Raban Ruddigkeit, Lars Harmsen, and the publishing company Hermann Schmidt Mainz. You can find much more highly professional typefaces in our Fonts section. On WE AND THE COLOR, you can find a handpicked selection of trending typefaces ranging from sturdy sans fonts to elegant and classic serif styles.


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