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Introducing Moucha: a sophisticated sans-serif superfamily that offers the perfect proportions for any type of geometric design.

Philip Lammert of Vibrant Types proudly published the Moucha font family in March 2023, offering two distinct styles – Moucha Vintage and Modern. With a variable font that provides all intermediary variants and the precise midpoint with Moucha X, this superfamily is an ideal typography toolbox for pairing fonts together to produce sleek results not typically found in Grotesque typefaces.

From the more than 2100 glyphs (1538 characters) of Moucha fonts, 619 Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek languages are supported – offering a vast European character set but also essential characters for small minority groups worldwide. A mere 1% of font families worldwide can boast this level of language support – an incredible 3.5 billion first-language speakers in total!

Let’s discuss Moucha subgenres! This typeface offers a didactic element, providing typographic education by displaying the different proportional spectrums of Latin geometric sans-serifs in its classification system. How does it work? All font family variants share circular characters such as o, b, or d; however, rectangular-based characters (e.g., n, h, or u) differ within each variant according to their widths. As an example of this genre prototype—Moucha Vintage boasts a rhythmically classic look with slimmed down “n” and unique uppercase proportions that ordinarily can be found on fonts like Futura®.

Moucha Modern features a uniform, steady appearance with the united character lengths of its contemporary variety. With 42 fixed fonts and their own upright plus italic variable fonts for enhanced concentration in design projects, Moucha X is an intermediary family between the two extremes. Additionally, through its superfamily’s two variable fonts that make all intermediate points available between each extreme point, Moucha enables access to an array of solutions.

With an exquisite set of static characters, a more open Modern “a”, an elegant stroke-ending on the letter ‘l’, and slashed zeroes to name just a few features, it’s easy to see why Vibrant Types is so popular. Buyers can purchase these fonts on our foundry website or from any top font reseller before April 20th at an impressive 60% discount!

Additionally, you can purchase the complete Moucha superfamily from the following resellers:

Moucha font family by Vibrant Types
Moucha font family by Vibrant Types

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