Check out Hamster, a variable color font by Fontwerk.

Fontwerk teamed up with the internationally renowned design agency SNASK on a video campaign to launch their new Hamster font family. Bold, cheerful, and full of joy – the idea was to bring this cheerful and colorful font to life in a unique way. The campaign can be experienced in full on the specially created microsite

Hamster is the brainchild of acclaimed brand identity designer, Joe Stitzlein. It draws inspiration from the two-tone charm of his childhood friends’ pets and rodent dwellings (aka “Habitrails”). Using the tubular shape of the “Habitrails”, Hamster is an uppercase display typeface. It has rounded ends and bold font styles that are reminiscent of the characteristic chubby cheeks of rodents. The lighter cuts are less playful and are perfect as logos for young fashion or food brands. Hamster is available in 10 color variants, but users can also choose the color scheme individually.

Hamster variable color font by Fontwerk
Hamster variable color font by Fontwerk

The Hamster font is perfect for expressing your playful and adventurous spirit. With its unique, two-tone charm, it will give your designs a remarkable look that stands out from the crowd. Feel free to learn more at

All images © by Fontwerk. Do not hesitate to find more trending typefaces in the Fonts category on WE AND THE COLOR.

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