Eponymous Font Family

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Eponymous, an Egyptian-style typeface with chunky, scalloped serifs.

The Eponymous font family is Paulo Goode’s fifth release. Driven by his passion for slab serifs, the Irish type designer wanted to develop a family that combines the classic look of an Egyptian-style typeface with the demands of today’s fonts. The result is an excellent font family based on chunky, scalloped serifs. Eponymous comes in 5 weights plus true italics for each weight. The family’s distinctive personality is a striking eye-catcher in both headlines and texts. You can read more about this outstanding font family below the first image or feel free and click on the following link.

You can buy this beautiful slab serif on MyFonts.

Eponymous, an Egyptian-style typeface with chunky, scalloped serifs.
Eponymous, an Egyptian-style typeface with chunky, scalloped serifs.

Paulo Goode has also equipped this family with plenty of OpenType features. Make use of them and implement some stylistic alternates to give your typographic work a more personal touch. You can also mix your characters with the set of small caps to create some interesting effects. With complementing diacritics and multi-language support, the Eponymous font family has been designed for professional needs.

Here is a list of the key features:

  • The family includes 5 weights (Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, Black) plus true Italics
  • OpenType features with small caps, diacritics, figures, and alternate characters
  • An extended character set with 600 glyphs that support multiple languages
  • Available as both webfont and ordinary desktop font

You can buy this family on MyFonts.

Scalloped serifs.
The typeface is characterized by scalloped serifs.
Small Caps.
The range of OpenType features includes small caps.
Stylistic Alternates.
Also a set of stylistic alternates is included.
Eponymous font family by Paulo Goode.
The Eponymous font family by Paulo Goode. Here you can see a text sample written with the bold italic version.

The full family is available for purchase on MyFonts.

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