Cera Round Pro designed by Lisa Fischabach and Jakob Runge of German foundry, TypeMates.

The two German font designers Lisa Fischabach and Jakob Runge of foundry TypeMates have completed their popular Cera collection with Cera Round Pro. Together with its stenciled counterpart Cera Stencil, the hand-crafted Cera Brush and the basic Cera Pro family, the pan-European font collection provides clean geometric shapes and great usability. Read more below or click on the following link to purchase this new family member. Please note, you can get the Cera Round Pro font family at 50% off as introductory offer on Fontspring (available only for a very limited time)!

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TypeMates Cera Collection.
The complete Cera collection by TypeMates.

Some of the characteristic features.

As each member of the collection, Cera Round Pro is based on a modern but friendly look and feel. In addition to Latin based languages, it supports Cyrillic and Greek writing systems. The circular stroke endings and softly rounded corners add a cheerful touch to the technical approach. Equipped with six weights ranging from thin to black plus several typographic features, the family has been made primary for display use. You can use it for a variety of projects including branding, packaging, web and interface design. The set of typographic features includes localized alternatives, tabular figures, arbitrary fractions, useful symbols, and dingbats. For additional information, just follow the link below.

The family is available for purchase here.

Font design by Lisa Fischbach and Jakob Runge of TypeMates.
Modern font design by Lisa Fischbach and Jakob Runge of TypeMates.
Cera Round Pro - making of.
Making of.
Ink traps changed from Cera Pro to Cera Round.
The ink traps have been changed to perfect circles.
Cera Round Pro, multi language support.
It comes with multi language support.
Cera Round Pro, brand and packaging in use example.
Brand and packaging – in use example.
Cera Round Pro, in use example - book cover design by Eden und Höflich.
In use example: book cover design by Eden und Höflich.

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