Beerophilia – Brand and Packaging by Molto Bureau

A beautiful brand and packaging design solution developed by Molto bureau for Beerophilia club.

Beerophilia is a new club with the aim to unite real beer lovers. These guys seem to know everything about beer. You can lean at what temperature the bouquet of India Pale Weizen reveals best or why the orange French cheese Mimolette complements the taste of the trappist beer Rochefort, etc. All these wisdoms are celebrated under a gastronomic cult. Molto bureau, a Kiev, Ukraine based graphic design and branding agency was commissioned to develop a new visual identity and packaging system for the club. Read more below.

Beerophilia – brand and packaging design by Molto bureau.
Beerophilia, a beautiful brand and packaging design developed by Molto bureau.

Their creative team has developed a logo in the form of a key symbolizing the access for real beer lovers. The head of the key was designed like a bottle opener, while the key bit looks like a hop blossom. To give the whole identity a more natural look and feel, the designers decided to use only natural materials. All basic elements of the identity were made by hand. Check out the images below. I recommend you to have a look at Molto bureau’s portfolio on Behance to find more of their work.

The logo has the symbolic appearance of a stamp.
The logo has the symbolic appearance of a stamp. The key symbol consists of a bottle opener and a hop.
A lovely and natural packaging.
What a lovely and natural packaging solution!
Packaging material.
An example of the packaging material.
The new brand unites real beer lovers.
The new brand unites real beer lovers.
Good tasting depends on good serving.
Good tasting depends on good serving.

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