The Altivo font family, a proper workhorse sans serif typeface that performs quite well on screen.

Recently published by Kostic Type Foundry, Altivo is an extensive sans serif font family for highest professional needs. It has been designed to give you a proper workhorse for diverse screen design projects. The full family consists of 16 styles including 8 weights ranging from Thin to Ultra plus matching Italic versions for each weight. Get more information about all features below or click on the following link.

You can purchase the complete family as introductory offer on Fontspring.

Altivo font family by Kostic Type Foundry.
Altivo font family by Kostic Type Foundry.

More details about the Altivo font family.

The typeface has been meticulous designed with regard to high legibility on the screen. Altivo offers wide proportions as well as a generous x-height, loose spacing, ink traps, large apertures and a low contrast between strokes. Equipped with 8 different weights, true Italics, small caps, multiple sets of figures, lowercase superscripts, tabular figures, and lots more of typographic features, this family was made for professional needs. For additional information on all options and buying choices, just follow the link below.

You can get the family on Fontspring.

Designed to perform well on screen.
The family has been designed to perform well on screen.
Type samples in different weights.
Here you can see some type samples in different weights.
Altivo OpenType features.
Altivo is equipped with useful OpenType features.
Superscript monetary symbols.
Make those prices spark with playful superscript monetary symbols.
Tabular figures.
The family is equipped with tabular figures to perform very well on screen.
Altivo sans serif font family.
Altivo, a beautiful sans serif font family for screen design.

Feel free to purchase the full family on Fontspring.

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