Jeremy Booth Illustrations

Minimalist, flat illustrations by Jeremy Booth.

Jeremy Booth is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer who currently lives in Louisville, Kentucky. Through detailed illustrations, he creates thoughtful solutions for each client. He has worked for a variety of clients including Amazon, Black Anchor, Bulleit Bourbon, Dave Ramsey, Digital Ocean, Kentucky For Kentucky, MetaLab, Over, Press on Market, Samsung, and many others. In addition to his other interests such as hiking, making cocktails, and reading, Jeremy Booth loves to create illustrations for self-initiated projects.

Here you can see a few examples of Jeremy Booth’s illustrative work. The following illustrations are based on a limited color palette mixed with a minimalist, flat style. You can find much more on his website. Just check it out here:

A Writer, A Hero – Work inspired by a world where Nazi Germany reigns supreme.
‘A Writer, A Hero’ – This work is inspired by a fictional world where Nazi Germany reigns supreme. In this world it is forbidden to own books. The image illustrates the office of a man who transcribes books to paper to give others the possibility to read and more importantly inspire them to revolt against the Nazis.
Bar Maid – This piece is a tribute to the roaring twenties and the show Peaky Blinders.
‘Bar Maid’, an illustration of a stocked bar in limited colors. This piece is a tribute to the roaring twenties and the show Peaky Blinders.
Pit Stop – Desert inspired illustration.
‘Pit Stop’, a desert inspired illustration. The work is the result of a collaboration with Joel Bear.
Swimming Vibes – West coast inspired illustration.
‘Swimming Vibes’, a west coast inspired illustration. The artwork was created in collaboration with photographer Joel Bear.
Santa Monica, a day at the pool.
Santa Monica, a day at the beach. This image is based on Jeremy Booth’s time in Santa Monica. The work offers a flat but yet isometric style with a reduced color scheme.

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