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Stun the design world with this sensational serif fonts collection!

When it comes to design, knowing how to combine fonts is a big deal. Each font has a character. And there’s a corresponding font for every mood. One of the biggest families in typography is the serif. As a designer, it’s your responsibility to use them in the right way. A lot of people get confused between serif and sans serif. Their only difference is the small feet-like element found on serif fonts. These little feet are called serifs. Most serif fonts have a conventional or even conservative personality, and they are often used for designs that are more formal or official.

There are a lot of serif fonts available for various design concepts. If you’re looking for serif fonts that will blow your mind, Pixelo has currently the right thing for you: The Sensational Serif Fonts Bundle.

Currently available as a limited time offer, you can get the entire bundle consisting of 68 font families with over 200 unique fonts for only $39 instead of $914. That’s a discount of 96%! Just follow the link below.

You can grab this deal here.

The Sensational Serif Fonts Bundle
The Sensational Serif Fonts Bundle

Download the bundle at Pixelo.

As already mentioned, this serif fonts bundle consists of 68 font families. It also has over 200 unique fonts. These serif typefaces are designed by expert font creators from all over the world. Each set in the bundle is specially-made to add a more elegant and formal effect to your work. Apart from the fabulous fonts, the bundle includes numerous bonus illustrations and vector graphics. There are alternate characters available as well. The bundle is a complete package useful for various digital and printed designs. It can be used for posters, greeting cards, logos, fashion labels, and menus, just to name a few. Like other Pixelo bundles, this special deal includes a commercial license. You will also have access to a lifetime download and 24/7 customer service. This vintage-inspired serif fonts bundle is originally valued at $914. If you get it from Pixelo today, you will receive a 96% discount. For 68 font families and 210 unique fonts, you only have to pay $39!

Where can you use Pixelo’s serif fonts bundle?

Serif fonts are the undisputed choice when it comes to printed designs. But more and more designers are using them in digital design too. As a designer, you need to ask yourself what concept will best suit your brief and reach your target market. A gorgeous serif font can be just the thing you need to enhance a printed logo or complement a web design. Serif fonts, while considered formal, can also be used in a more casual setting. The bundle is packed with sets that are quirky and pleasing to the eye. It’s really up to your concept and vision to see which of the sets will work best for your project.

Here are two types of design where a Serif font would be an ideal choice:

Logos: a serif font is just the thing a logo needs to stand out. They are the best design shorthand to communicate formality and convey history. And with Pixelo’s current bundle, you’ll have a variety of serif families that will look great in a logo. A great example is NorthEast by VPcreativeshop. Tinkering with the serif fonts in this sensational bundle will give you more design choices and ideas. You can play with one or multiple sets to produce a perfect balance between main fonts and accents.

Printed work: in the past, serif fonts were chosen more for practicality than aesthetics. While this purpose still holds true, the design of these typefaces has evolved. They’re no longer just practical, but beautiful too. Take the Lorem Serif by Noe Araujo for instance. This handmade serif font was created using a paper canvas and a pen brush. It’s a design resource suitable for posters, invitation cards, and even product packaging or branding projects. The possibilities are endless. Those fonts are best for printed projects because they make it easier to read all the text. They help your eyes move horizontally along the page so the letters stand out on their own.

Every designer must have an array of serif fonts in their toolbox. Add 68 more to your own collection with Pixelo’s sensational serif fonts bundle. For just $39, you’ll have plenty of gorgeous design assets that you can use over and over again.

The entire bundle is available here (only for a limited time).


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