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This is our handpicked selection of the top five best online courses to learn the fundamentals of interior design for those who want to redecorate their homes or build their own furniture pieces in 2022.

Almost everyone would like to have a particularly tastefully furnished home that reflects their individual personality as well as a sense of aesthetics while offering a cozy and comfortable feel. Currently, it’s also quite popular when one can build their own furniture and design objects, but most of us don’t know how to do it. With our selection of the best DIY interior design online courses, you can easily learn to decorate a home that reflects your personal style or how to build your own furniture with simple hand tools. The selected courses are mostly in English or Spanish with subtitles available in different languages including Spanish, English, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Polish, and Dutch. Furthermore, the courses consist of several lessons in the form of individual video tutorials. These tutorials are available online at any time. This way, you can learn at your own pace.

5. Upcycling Vintage Furniture with Painting Techniques

Upcycling Vintage Furniture with Painting Techniques
Upcycling vintage furniture with beautiful painting techniques.

Some old pieces of furniture are just too good to throw away, especially when all they really need is a nice new coat of paint or maybe something artsy. In this amazing upcycling online course, Chloe Kempster will tell you about the simple tools you need to turn forgotten furniture pieces into beautiful and functional pieces of art. Using different painting techniques, you will learn to live more sustainably and create unique furniture that reflects your personal style. This course is for anyone with an interest in furniture upcycling. It’s also ideal for people who are passionate about interior design and sustainability in general. No previous experience is needed.

4. Furniture Design Course: Introduction to Danish Cord Weaving

Furniture Design: Introduction to Danish Cord Weaving
A furniture design course: introduction to Danish cord weaving.

Your teacher Heide Martin is a designer and creative director. In this course, she will teach you how to restore furniture pieces by weaving a unique and comfortable seat with Danish cord. You will learn how to use traditional techniques to make creative and extremely durable furniture designs. So what exactly is this course’s project? Students will learn to restore a piece of furniture by weaving a stylish seat with Danish cord. Just click on the following link, if you want to learn how to do it.

3. Online Course about Concrete Furniture Creation for Beginners

Concrete Furniture Creation for Beginners
An interior design online course about concrete furniture creation for beginners.

With this online course by EN·CONCRETO, you can learn several artisanal techniques to create concrete design objects on your own. Consisting of 17 well-explained lessons, students will explore the basic techniques and how concrete is best used when making different interior design objects and furniture. With these techniques, you can easily change the look of any space and customize your home with unique design objects made by yourself.

2. Introduction to Interior Design

Introduction to Interior Design
An introduction to interior design.

If you want to learn to bring interior spaces to life with simple DIY techniques, you should probably take this course by Ana Hernánde of creative interior design consultancy, Masquespacio. In 15 lessons, you will learn how to carry out an interior design project; including everything from finding inspiration to the final design touches. Alongside Ana Hernández, you will achieve amazing results with limited resources and reuse everyday objects by following the DIY philosophy. No previous knowledge of interior design is needed. All you need is the desire to develop your skills and creativity. For further information, just click on the following link.

1. Online Course about Furniture Design and Construction for Beginners

An online course about furniture design and construction for beginners.
An online course about furniture design and construction for beginners.

This is a highly recommended online course by Patricio Ortega of the Artisan furniture workshop, Maderística. When you take it, you can learn all the essential steps for designing, planning, and building wooden furniture in your own personal style. In this course, Patricio Ortega will show you all the individual steps for building a rack-type wardrobe with a nice sliding door. In addition, you will discover several techniques for creating other similar projects on your own. This is the ideal furniture design course for anyone who loves woodworking and for those who would like to expand their manual skills and achieve more professional results.

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