Let’s have a look at Jessica Chen’s delicate tattoos.

Based in Toronto, Canada, Jessica Chen is a very talented painter, graphic designer, and tattoo artist. With a passion for geometric abstraction, her work is primarily characterized by formalist compositions and notions. 74,5k people (until now) love to follow Jessica Chen on Instagram to stay up to date with her latest work. I like her minimalist tattoos, which are often drawn with only a few colors and simple lines. A small selection can be found below. For those of you who want to see more of Jessica’s creative work, please visit her website or follow her on Instagram.

Jessica Chen tattoos, little Picasso babe.
Little Pablo Picasso babe.
Jessica Chen tattoos, delicate drawing.
Delicate drawing.
Jessica Chen tattoos, gesture sketch.
Gesture sketch.
Jessica Chen tattoos, hand poke ginkgo.
Hand poke ginkgo.
Jessica Chen tattoos, large tattoo on the complete back and a small artwork on the arm.
Large tattoo on the complete back and a small artwork on the arm.
Jessica Chen tattoos, minimal nature.
Minimal nature.
Jessica Chen tattoos, simple line tattoo and Katsushika Hokusai's famous wave
Simple line tattoo and Katsushika Hokusai’s famous wave.
Jessica Chen tattoos, minimalistic freehand artwork
Minimalistic freehand artwork on the back.

All images © by Jessica Chen. Do not hesitate to find more creative inspiration in our Art and Illustration categories. On WE AND THE COLOR we feature a great variety of highly creative work to give you your daily dose of inspiration. Furthermore, we provide you with information on current and forthcoming exhibitions and art related events.


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