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Vintage Vector Graphics by DGIM Studio

Download various vector graphics inspired by vintage tattoos and retro poster illustrations. Ivan Mogilevchik is a well-known illustrator, graphic designer, creative director, and founder of...
Tattoos by Jessica Chen

Tattoos by Jessica Chen

Let's have a look at Jessica Chen's delicate tattoos. Based in Toronto, Canada, Jessica Chen is a very talented painter, graphic designer, and tattoo artist....

Tattoo Designs and Illustrations by Brezinski Ilya

Creative tattoo designs by Russian illustrator Brezinski Ilya. Look at these unique tattoo designs! Brezinski Ilya is a Saint Petersburg, Russia based illustrator and tattoo...
Colorful illustrative tattoo.

Kim Michey Tattoos

A selection of outstanding tattoos created by Kim Michey. Kim Michey's tattoos are so wonderfully different from what we've seen so far. Her artworks are completely unique...
Modern interior design of the studio.

Pop-up Gallery for MONARC Studios by Tattoo Artist Jun Cha

The pop-up gallery show for MONARC Studios with large-scale prints of Jun Cha’s black & grey tattoo work. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jun...
Tattoo Illustration by Ien Levin

Illustrative Tattoo Designs by Ien Levin

Artistic Tattoos. Selected illustrative tattoo designs by Ien Levin, a Kiev, Ukraine-based illustrator and tattoo artist. Ien Levin's style is influenced by contemporary graphics and...
Paul Marcinkowski Tattoo Infographic 01

Tattoo Infographics by Paul Marcinkowski

Student Project: Tattoo Infographics An awesome stu­dent project by Paul Marcinkowski. source: designworklife.com