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Take this course to equip yourself with the knowledge and techniques required to begin tattooing from the ground up.

If you have been thinking about tattooing, but don’t know where to begin your journey, then this course is perfect for you! Florencia Landaeta (aka Polilla Tattoo) will provide all the information and resources necessary for starting your career as a professional tattoo artist. From tools and materials to techniques and tutorials – it’s all here waiting for you!

Dive into the world of tattooing with this comprehensive course! Learn about assembling a machine and table, different types of needles, and hygiene protocols, as well as fundamental drawing, shading, and coloring techniques. Practice on an orange before you take your newfound knowledge to create spectacular tattoos on human skin. Get ready to explore all sorts of styles while carefully considering how best to design for each body’s anatomy. Experience contemporary tattooing like never before – unleash your creativity today!

Tattoo Art Online Course for Beginners
Tattoo Art Online Course for Beginners

Are you curious about what this online course has to offer? Find out more about the knowledge, skills, and resources that are available during your journey of learning!

Explore the remarkable world of tattooing with Florencia Landaeta, or Polilla Tattoo. Hear her story on how she began in this fascinating industry while studying design and find out who is her foremost personal inspiration – from fashion designers to acclaimed tattoo artists. Embark on a journey through time as you uncover the origin of tattoos and witness their evolution throughout history with different unique styles developing over time.

Florencia provides comprehensive guidance in setting up your first tattoo kit – whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist. Learn all the essentials such as which machines and tools to use, and how to select needles and other materials. She also offers personalized tips based on her experience working with clients over the years. With Florencia’s help, you’ll soon be ready to start creating beautiful tattoos!

By exploring the various kinds of skin and considering how to adjust designs for different parts of the body, discover how you can create impressive art. Follow detailed steps from designing a piece to prepping it on the skin and preparing your workspace to avoid infection during assembly.

To complete your design, you will need to transfer it onto the skin by carefully applying outlining, filling in color, pointillism, and shading techniques. Utilize quality materials while taking into account voltage and wrist movements for optimal results.

Finally, you will learn how to properly remove the table while adhering to both maintenance and hygiene protocols. Additionally, Florencia will supply some essential tips on informing your customer before and after they receive their tattoo. With these powerful insights, you’ll be a pro at providing outstanding service!

What project will I be completing in this online course?

Take your first steps toward becoming a tattoo artist by practicing your artistry and technique with an orange, simulating it as if it were real skin.

Who will benefit the most from this online course?

If you’re curious about entering the realm of tattooing and mastering its essential techniques, this is the perfect opportunity for you to get started.

Necessary materials and specifications

To get started in your journey, be sure to gather all necessary supplies such as kitchen towels, glycerin soap, a spray bottle for water, vinyl gloves, and more. Additionally, make sure that you have a tattoo machine accompanied by line and filling needles connected to either a clip cord or connection cable. Lastly don’t forget the essentials like petroleum jelly Transfer cream or Stencil Stuff India ink and elastic bands. With every item acquired at hand – let’s begin our creative masterpiece!

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