With this online course by David Peña Toribio, aka Puño, everyone is invited to explore their creative side through drawing exercises and games designed to train a specific artistic ability.

Puño, a Spanish illustrator and educator based in Colombia, works on the basis that anyone can be an artist. He asserts that by using just your hands, brain, and some basic tools, you too can become an artist. Blocks are creativity are easily broken when following his methods—which also make for great family activities to do on a rainy day. Read more below or click on the following link to learn more about this online course.

Drawing and Creativity Online Course for Big and Little Artists
Drawing and Creativity Online Course for Big and Little Artists

Before delving into the materials and exercises, take some time to get to know Puño and his professional journey. Additionally, learn about what influenced him when creating this course.

Now it’s time to get your creative juices flowing! In order to learn how to draw, you first have Puerto shares several great ways to stimulate your creativity and see reality and think outside the box. The key t being a successful artist is observation!

Next, it’s time to get your pencils ready. Puño will take you through a series of drawing exercises that explore different worlds, from gestural expression and body language to drawings made with only geometric figures. Remember that what matters most in your art is not how closely it resembles the thing it depicts but rather how you see it.

Get ahead with a few more exercises to better understand the material, develop some related skills, and get an understanding of how long each project will take.

Before photographing real-life objects to create an abstract landscape, use colored paper first to see how the colors interact. Also, learn to make printed drawings using multiple colors of EVA foam and tempera paint.

All images © by David Peña Toribio, aka Puño. Do not hesitate to browse through WE AND THE COLOR to find more online courses and inspiring illustrations created by artists from around the globe.