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With this online course by Puño, you will create your first sketchbook using basic techniques for drawing by hand.

If you always wanted to learn drawing but don’t know where to start, in this online course by David Peña Toribio, aka Puño, you will learn all the fundamentals to become a better illustrator. Regardless of your starting level or age, through a new, rational, and playful approach to drawing, he will show you some basic techniques that can be learned quickly.

Organized in 18 lessons, this course is packed with plenty of amazing exercises designed to help you understand all individual processes involved in learning how to draw. If you have finished the course, you’ll have created your very own sketchbook. This online course is perfect for people who want to start drawing, teachers, or parents who want to come up with new activities.

Drawing Online Course for Beginners by David Peña Toribio, aka Puño.

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