Nick Matej created beautiful illustrations for Dipsea’s audio stories.

In the spring of 2021, Nick Matej collaborated with Dipsea – a female-founded startup and story studio focused on women’s sexual wellness. Their Sleepovers program seeks to induce restful sleep through captivating short stories and soundscapes, for which he was commissioned to create accompanying illustrations that would evoke certain emotions throughout each audio narrative. With his artwork illustrating all-night scenes providing an elevated level of atmosphere for listeners, users now can fully relax into these stimulating tales.

Enjoy the following selection of work. You can find more of Nicholas Matej’s illustrations on his website or follow him on Behance, Dribbble, and Instagram.

Dipsea Sleepover Series by Nick Matej
Dipsea Sleepover Series by Nick Matej

All illustrations © by Nick Matej. Do not hesitate to find more trending illustrations created by amazing artists and designers from around the globe.

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