P22 Marcel – Handwritten Vintage Fonts

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P22 Marcel – Handwritten Typefaces.

Today I want to introduce you to the P22 Marcel font family. The name “Marcel” is a tribute to Marcel Heuzé, a French soldier who wrote countless letters to his beloved family during World War II. Type designer Carolyn Porter of foundry P22 used these letters to create this beautiful vintage inspired fonts. The script font is based on the expressive characteristics of Marcel Heuzé’s original handwriting. These letters provide a natural handwritten style like drawn with ink on paper. P22 Marcel Script consists of more than 1300 glyphs and features countless textural details.
Contrary to the handwritten script typeface, Carolyn Porter also created Marcel Caps, a hand-lettered titling font. In addition, P22 Marcel includes two sets of postmarks, cancellation and censor marks as well as different hand drawn ornaments. Check out the type examples below. This font looks so natural and beautiful!

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P22 Marcel - Handwritten Vintage Font Family
P22 Marcel – Handwritten Vintage Font Family
P22 Marcel - Handwritten Vintage Fonts
P22 Marcel – Handwritten Vintage Fonts

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