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New Icon is a display serif and modern calligraphy font family.

The New Icon font duo by Sam Parrett is finally here! This luxurious script and timeless serif come together flawlessly—and they look great whether used separately or placed side-by-side. Feeling creative? You can even mix them up within the same word for a more attention-grabbing layout. In other words, you now have a versatile set of fonts that can be employed and loved across all sorts of design projects.

The New Icon Script is a lovely, cursive script font that contains both upper and lowercase characters. This beautiful letter set was inspired by traditional calligraphy and can be used alone or in tandem with another serif font. To access the alternate lowercase letters ‘y’ and ‘g’ with elongated tails, simply turn on ‘Stylistic Alternates’ or go to the Glyphs panel.

New Icon serif font by Sam Parrett
New Icon serif font by Sam Parrett

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