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Download 54 skillfully designed, handmade fonts plus a stylish set of bonus graphics – 95% off!

Look at this special offer! Packed in just one bundle you can get 54 well designed fonts as well as a bonus set of 750 graphics consisting of a vector object design kit and a vector floral collection. The full bundle is currently available for download for just $25 instead of $408. Please note, this is a limited time offer. Feel free and read more information below or click on the following link.

The complete bundle is available for a limited time on Creative Market.

Handmade fonts and graphics bundle 95% off.
Get handmade fonts and graphics in one amazing bundle – 95% off. Please note, this is a limited time offer.

This is what you get with this great bundle of handmade fonts and graphics.

All included handmade fonts and graphics were created by freelance designer Agung Syaifudin. They are perfectly fitted for logos and eye-catching titles in any media such as wedding invitations, posters, apparel, websites, and much more. Each font is included as OpenType format. Thanks to the use of vector graphics, all bonus elements can be edited easily. In applications such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw you can change their size, shape, and color with a few simple clicks. For additional information on this great offer, please follow the link below.

The bundle is currently available for purchase on Creative Market.

Download 54 fonts.
Download 54 amazing handmade fonts plus a bonus set of stylish graphics. The bundle includes the following typefaces: Herlock, Anter, Reusk, Quickfox, Wellone, Foldeck, Mauvet Rois, Fuster, Serffost, Gothup, Hurgey, Gullick, Catties, Wilfur, Cindelia, Monofor, Handtype Toolkit, Emillyne, Allegate, Northline, Perston Type, Wayback, Nufertum, Fouyers, Barkless, Blackyard, Herfume, Forsa, Heiger, Latype, and Stokebridge.

Feel free and download this full bundle for low budget on Creative Market.

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