Clarendon Font Family from Bitstream

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Discover the Clarendon font family, Bitstream’s rework of a classic typeface.

Look at this timeless beauty! Originally designed by Robert Besley and published by Fann Street Foundry in England in 1845, Edouard Hoffmann and Hermann Eidenbenz of Haas foundry revived this beautiful serif typeface over a century later. Based on their work from 1953, Bitstream has developed a completely new enhanced version of Clarendon. The Clarendon Pro font family has been published in 2000 to complement the range of classic serifs with this timeless beauty. Furthermore, this Pro family has been developed to make the Clarendon typeface ready for today’s typographic needs.

Bitstream’s enhanced Clarendon font family consists of a range of 450 glyphs. With numerous OpenType features and extended language support, Clarendon Pro is a type family for highly professional needs. On MyFonts you can get it as both ordinary desktop typeface as well as webfont. The full family consists of 7 fonts including Light, Regular, Heavy, Bold, and Black as well as Condensed and Condensed Bold. I would recommend this family for the use as display font. Its striking slab serifs and elegant contours will add a classic touch to your headlines. For additional information on the Clarendon font family, feel free and follow the link below.

You can purchase this family as both webfont and desktop font here.

Clarendon font family – Bitstream
The Clarendon font family is Bitstream’s rework of a classic typeface that has been published originally by Fann Street Foundry. The family consists of 7 fonts including 5 weights plus two condensed styles. The typeface is a classic slab serif, which will make your titles and headings an eye-catcher.

The full family is available for purchase on MyFonts.

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