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Make the best holiday-themed designs with this decorative fonts bundle.

The holiday season is here once again, and for designers tasked to make branding and copies stand out, having a complete arsenal of design assets is a must. This is where Pixelo comes in handy. The company proves time and again that they are a reliable source of stylish and unique fonts. This latest bundle is sure to be a hit this season: The Decorative Fonts Bundle will add that holiday touch to your designs. Featuring 67 font families that include alternate characters, multiple language options, and different styles, the bundle contains 121 unique fonts! These font options are perfect for adding personality to your holiday designs—may it be it for Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year. The bundle is available only for a very limited time—just follow the link below.

You can get the whole bundle (95% off) at Pixelo.

Decorative fonts bundle for the holiday season.
Decorative fonts bundle for the holiday season.

Feel free to grab this special deal here.

Here are some of the perks you get from acquiring this bundle:

  • 67 eye-catching font families, sourced from the world’s top font designers
  • 121 distinct font styles that include language customization and font variations
  • Lifetime download access for a single purchase
  • An extended commercial license allows using the fonts for business or personal projects
  • Round-the-clock customer care support to cater to all your troubleshooting concerns

As with all their fantastic bundles, Pixelo grants a limited-time discount. This font collection is originally priced for over $836, but with the offer right now, you can get The Decorative Fonts Bundle for only $39! That’s quite a bargain for designers looking to add some much sought-after design assets at their disposal.

This exclusive offer is available only at Pixelo.

Decorative fonts for the holiday season.
Decorative fonts for the holiday season.

Hurry and download the whole bundle here.

What’s included in The Decorative Fonts Bundle?

Every typeface featured in this bundle has a bold aesthetic found nowhere else. These fonts can help you make exceptional designs for special events. Let’s take a look at some of the most noteworthy design assets in this bundle:

1. Tiny Joy
Designed by Qilli, this font embodies pure playfulness, with its eclectic mix of hearts, doodled faces, and patterns. Even with such fun features, the all-caps font does not look gaudy at all. Instead, it adds just enough whimsy to bring the holiday vibe to project design. Use it on kid-themed shirts, fun cards and banners, holiday landing pages, and other materials.

2. Funny Halloween
This is another typeface from Qilli, which gives Halloween fans a feast with its intricate and playful details. Cobwebs and ghosts inside letters, bones framing letter edges, skeleton heads as your O’s – these are showcased across all elements, but with zero macabre factor! It stays true to its name by keeping the designs youthful and funny. The set includes both upper and lowercase letters, numbers, special characters, accents, and ligatures.

3. Friday Killer (Font + Bonus Elements)
Want to add some edginess to your design project? This is the perfect font for you. Inspired by rock music fashion, this font features slim lines with razor-sharp angles. It’s got normal, bold, and italic options, numerals and punctuations. The set also comes with a collection of vector images – rose, skull, motorbike, and many more – every object will make you shout, “Rock on!”

4. Magic Snow
Taking one of the most common symbols of the holiday season – snowflakes – and incorporating it tastefully in its design, this font style goes full on with its Christmas theme.
Rustic, hand-drawn look for letters accentuated with partial snowflake patterns in different positions give this design an authentic feel. Colorful Christmas elements, like a pine tree, balls, poinsettias, and borders are included in the set.

5. Fiestalogy!
Two words come to mind upon seeing this typeface: fun and cheery. Displaying tall, friendly lettering highlighted by different vibrant colors each, some letters even lean a bit adding more whimsy to the entire look. This set includes uppercase and lowercase options, numerals and punctuations, plus vector images. You’ll want this font when you’re designing party invitations, events, and festivals.

6. Majestic
Designed by bloomxxvi, this typeface gives that distinct summer feel. The custom hand-lettering with an all-caps style is bold and oozes confidence. This font is ideal if you want your quotes, posters, and digital products to attract the young and young-at-heart.

Get Your Bundle Now
These are just some of the font styles you’ll get in this awesome bundle. Don’t let this fantastic promo pass and get your very own Decorative Fonts Bundle now.

Visit Pixelo today. Happy designing!


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