The skilled team of Estudio Albino created a unique brand identity for Tlali pani.

“Tlali pani” refers to the act of taking on the work of others and immersing oneself in traditions and places that are different from one’s own. This involves incorporating colorful and culturally significant elements into one’s life that promote respect and contribute to a richer experience.

Estudio Albino was commissioned to work on a unique visual identity for the brand. Tlali pani derives its identity from three components: water (tlali), earth (pani), and the human touch that brings the crafts to life. The textures of the pieces reflect their natural origins, while their exceptional finishes demonstrate the care and attention to detail with which they are crafted.

Enjoy the following images. You can find more of Estudio Albino’s work on their website or follow them on Behance.

Tlali pani branding by Estudio Albino
Tlali pani branding by Estudio Albino

All images © by Estudio Albino. Check out the Graphic Design and Branding categories on WE AND THE COLOR for more inspiring projects.

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