Sonoran Desert House by Wendell Burnette Architects

Discover the Desert Courtyard House, a private residence designed by Wendell Burnette Architects in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona.

Here comes another outstanding architectural project for your inspiration. The team of Wendell Burnette Architects has completed this unique private home in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. Located near the town of Scottsdale, the architectural concept of this unusual home is an ode to its harsh environment. Feel free and read more below.

The entrance of the house.
This is the entrance of the house. The exterior looks almost inconspicuous, it perfectly protects the privacy of the residents.

A luxury home surrounded by the hostile environment of a desert.

It seems very contradictory but this luxurious home blends perfectly with its harsh environment. The structure was built using soil excavated from the site. The concrete and rammed earth walls fit perfectly to the desiccated, earthy surroundings. The roof was clad with weathered steel. When seen from above, the roof appears like a deep shadow in the landscape. As inconspicuous and almost hidden from the outside, as extraordinary and generous appears the house from the inside. A large courtyard forms the heart of the house.

All photographs have been taken by Bill Timmerman. Check out the images below or visit the website of Wendell Burnette Architects to see more of their work.

The Desert Courtyard House by Wendell Burnette Architects.
The Desert Courtyard House was designed by Wendell Burnette Architects.
Private residence in the Sonoran desert of Arizona.
It’s a private residence in the Sonoran desert of Arizona.
View overlooking the the courtyard.
The view overlooking the the courtyard.
A sleek designed fireplace.
A sleek designed fireplace.
Living space.
This is the main living space of the house in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.
Minimalist and luxurious bathroom.
Here you can see the minimalist and luxurious bathroom.
View of the Sonoran desert of Arizona.
The entire plot provides amazing views of the Sonoran Desert of Arizona.

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