The Zasadený House, designed by Slovakian architecture firm PAULÍNY HOVORKA ARCHITECTS, is a stunning example of contemporary design that seamlessly integrates with its natural surroundings. The house’s name, “Zasadený,” translates to “embedded” in Slovak, and this concept is at the heart of the design. The house’s horizontal form appears to grow out of the sloping terrain, creating a sense of harmony between nature and architecture.

Zasadený House by PAULÍNY HOVORKA ARCHITECTS. Photography by Matej Hakár.

A Blend of Materials and Light

The exterior of the Zasadený House is a beautiful blend of materials. The house is made of exposed concrete walls and large floor-to-ceiling glazed surfaces. This clever interplay of transparent and solid materials creates a feeling of openness and allows natural light to flood the interior of the house. The interplay of light and shadow throughout the day creates a constantly changing and dynamic living environment.

A Roof That’s Part of the Landscape

The house’s roof is a flat green roof, which helps the house to blend even more seamlessly into the surrounding landscape. The roof is lined with raw stainless steel eaves, which add a touch of industrial chic to the design.

A Layout Designed for Connection

The layout of the Zasadený House is designed to connect the interior of the house with the exterior. The house has a single level with a dominant horizontal composition. This creates a sense of openness and allows for easy flow between the different rooms in the house. The large floor-to-ceiling windows also blur the lines between the interior and exterior spaces, making the house feel even more connected to its surroundings.

A Home That’s a Work of Art

The Zasadený House is a beautiful example of how contemporary architecture can be both functional and stylish. The house’s unique design and its seamless integration with nature make it a truly one-of-a-kind home.

All images © by Matej Hakár and PAULÍNY HOVORKA ARCHITECTS. Feel free to find other stunning architecture projects from around the globe on WE AND THE COLOR.