Discover the breathtaking fusion of artistry and functionality at K House, a contemporary seaside masterpiece designed by Babayants Architects. Nestled on the picturesque coastline, this 700 sq. m residence seamlessly integrates with its natural surroundings, offering stunning sea views and an inviting pool area. Let’s delve into the architectural marvel that awaits within its walls.

K HOUSE by Babayants Architects
K HOUSE by Babayants Architects

Sculpturesque Design

The architects at Babayants skillfully crafted a compound yet minimalist architecture that responds harmoniously to the active relief and site configuration. Here are the key design elements:

  1. Solid Facades vs. Panoramic Views: The house presents a duality—solid facades facing the roadway, street, and neighboring sites, while the glazed facades open up to mesmerizing sea views. This deliberate contrast creates a dynamic interplay between privacy and openness.
  2. Immersed in Greenery: The façade is partially concealed by lush greenery, blurring the boundary between architecture and nature. The house seems to emerge organically from the landscape, its form ever-changing as seasons unfold.
  3. Monochrome Elegance: A light monochrome facade complements the surrounding landscape, especially the majestic cypress trees. The finishing materials—plaster and abundant glass—add to the understated elegance.

Interior Spaces

Ground Floor

  • Gym and Hammam: As you step inside, the ground floor welcomes you with a gym and a soothing hammam—a perfect retreat for relaxation and wellness.
  • Platform with a Pool: Adjacent to the gym, a platform leads to an inviting swimming pool. Imagine basking in the sun or taking a refreshing dip while overlooking the sea.

Second Level

  • Common Area: Ascend to the second level, where a common area awaits. Here, the kitchen, dining room, and living room seamlessly flow together. Large windows invite natural light and frame captivating views.
  • Terrace with a Canopy: Step out onto the spacious terrace, sheltered by an elegant canopy. It’s an ideal spot for alfresco dining, sipping coffee, or simply enjoying the sea breeze.
  • Glass-Bottom Shallow Pool: An architectural marvel awaits—a shallow pool with a glass bottom. Sunlight dances on the water, creating a meditative ambiance. Caustic reflections play across surfaces, enriching the monochrome facade.

Third and Fourth Levels

  • Guest Bedrooms: The third level houses guest bedrooms, ensuring comfort and privacy for visitors.
  • Master Block with Private Terrace: On the fourth level, the master block boasts its own private terrace. Imagine waking up to sunrise views over the sea or stargazing at night.

Harmonious Ensemble

During the project’s evolution, the clients acquired an adjacent site that stretches horizontally along the sea. Here’s how the architects seamlessly integrated the guest house:

  • Autonomous Guest House: The guest house, discreetly positioned, caters to the couple’s friends or parents. An external staircase descends from the parking lot to the main pool level, leading to the guest house. Privacy is paramount—the recreation area remains hidden from the main house, and vice versa.

Unifying Elements

The architecture and landscaping of both houses share common solutions:

  • Local Stone and Light Slabs: Masonry made from local stone grounds the structures, connecting them to the earth. Light slabs and laconic lines enhance the overall aesthetic.
  • Unified Perception: Despite their distinct functions, the two sections—main house and guest house—meld into a cohesive whole. The landscape embraces them, blurring boundaries and creating a serene coastal haven.

K House exemplifies the synergy between design, nature, and lifestyle—a testament to Babayants Architects’ vision and expertise. Whether entertaining guests or savoring quiet moments, this seaside retreat invites you to experience luxury living at its finest.

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