Ropa Sans Pro Font Family from Lettersoup

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Ropa Sans Pro, a versatile sans serif font family.

The Ropa Sans Pro font family was developed by Berlin, Germany based typeface designer Botio Nikoltchev of font foundry Lettersoup. The entire sans serif font family consists of 2 basic styles “Ropa Sans” and “Ropa Sans SC”, which are available in 8 weights plus extra designed Italic styles and a set of small caps. The upright styles are significantly influenced by typographical peculiarities of the 20th century and corresponding fonts like DIN, while the Italics convey a unique flavor with the impression of a humanistic typeface.

Ropa Sans Pro can easily be used for both headlines as well as long and small texts. Particularly noteworthy are the many integrated OpenType features such as case-sensitive forms, fractions, super and subscript characters, and stylistic alternates. Additionally, Ropa Sans Pro is packed with a range of old style and lining figures, which are included in tabular and proportional widths. The extensive character set not only supports all Latin-based languages, Ropa Sans Pro also supports Cyrillic as well as Greek letters.

This sans serif font family is particularly well matched and optimized for screens, which makes it an excellent web font and great typeface for the use in eBooks and mobile apps.

You can buy the entire Ropa Sans Pro font family on MyFonts.

Ropa Sans Pro font family from Lettersoup
Ropa Sans Pro font family from Lettersoup
Ropa Sans Pro - OpenType features and weights
Ropa Sans Pro – OpenType features and weights

The complete Ropa Sans Pro type family is available as web font and desktop font on MyFonts.

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