The Puradies nature resort in Leogang, Salzburger Land, offers a breathtaking mountain backdrop, lush green meadows, a serene lake, and invigorating fresh air. It has been transformed into a revitalizing sanctuary by NOA, who have added a new spa centered on the elemental themes of fire, water, earth, and air.

The family-run hotel, designed as a charming village with 76 rooms and 14 chalets, truly embodies its name by providing a haven for relaxation and sports enthusiasts alike. Originally a farmhouse with guest rooms, it has evolved into a dedicated eco-tourism hotel. Its commitment to sustainability is evident in the variety of activities available, the cuisine served, and the architecture it boasts. The hotel attracts a diverse group of guests, including avid skiers, mountain bikers, hikers, and families with children who delight in exploring the mountain peaks.

NOA‘s design process was centered around capturing the essence of this remarkable landscape from the outset. Before the recent expansion, the hotel featured a natural bathing pond with boardwalks but lacked pools. However, due to high demand, a fresh and comprehensive spa concept was conceived, incorporating wellness and sports facilities along with the addition of the new in-house restaurant, Ess-Enz.

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PURADIES, a breathtaking mountain backdrop by NOA
PURADIES, a breathtaking mountain backdrop by NOA

The new building, now housing fitness and yoga rooms, lounging areas, relaxation rooms, a children’s pool, an adult pool, and the restaurant, seamlessly integrates into the landscape despite its size. Its floor plans are thoughtfully laid out in concentric rows, harmonizing with the natural topography. Two sides face different directions—one toward the bathing lake and the other toward the south hill. These two facades strike a perfect balance and welcome visitors from any approach. Green roofs blend elegantly with the meadows, while the interior spaces offer breathtaking views to the north and south, fully embracing the beauty of the surroundings.

The wellness wing, designed with various spaces, gently rises like a wave from the ground and melds into the meadow through its expressive peaked canopies. To those observing from a distance, the tranquil pastoral landscape, characterized by vast expanse and tall grasses so typical of this area, remains preserved.

Between the main house and the new building, you’ll find a beautifully landscaped lawn with raised beds, adorned by a column fountain made of exquisite Dorfer quartzite and an inviting open-air fire pit. Below ground, the existing corridor leading to the beauty reception area has been preserved, serving as the connecting point to access the new wellness area. A new elongated corridor, thoughtfully designed to set the mood for a four-element experience, guides guests past treatment rooms towards the sports and fitness room, offering a captivating view of an inner courtyard featuring a serene rock garden.

Inside the corridor itself, the elements of earth and air converge, artistically represented by a rough, surfaced wall in an earthy hue on one side and light linen fabrics adorning the opposite side of the windows. The application of mineral, coarse plaster adds a tactile quality to the passage, while the infusion of light from the windows combined with the lively, airy textiles creates a mystical ambiance.

Upon passing through, the guest is warmly greeted by the fireplace lounge, a split-level space that serves as a seamless connection between the wellness area and the restaurant on different levels. True to its name, the focal point of this inviting lounge is an open, bowl-shaped hanging fireplace, surrounded by a captivating floor-to-ceiling wall artwork crafted by the talented local artist, Michael Lang. Adding to the room’s charm, there are cozy seating cushions and carefully placed plants, while sisal rugs line the floor. It’s the perfect place for guests to unwind with a refreshing drink while soaking in the fiery and earthy ambiance and enjoying the captivating view.

From the fireplace lounge, guests can access the new yoga room, which doubles as an additional relaxation space, featuring convenient fold-out couches. Ascending a staircase, they reach the gallery level where the new restaurant awaits, completing this harmonious journey through the inviting spaces of the resort.

Continuing on the lower level, the passageway leads to the enchanting children’s pool area, where the elements of earth and water come together in perfect harmony. The pool itself captures attention with its natural, free-flowing design and an exciting water slide, while around it, cozy alcoves entice guests to relax and play. These inviting spaces are adorned with wooden floors, plush seat cushions, comfortable loungers, and armchairs covered in outdoor fabrics. Sisal carpets and fabric lamps with yarn shades contribute to the warm and homely atmosphere, creating a captivating interplay of light and shadow that adds character to the room.

Above the pool, you’ll find elegant metal suspensions designed to hold hanging plants, adding a touch of greenery to the surroundings. Outside, there’s a delightful area with tables, sheltered from both wind and sun, featuring a sprawling lawn that extends toward the serene swimming pond. This inviting outdoor space provides a wonderful setting for guests to enjoy their time in a tranquil and natural environment.

Beyond the dressing rooms and sanitary facilities, the wellness guests arrive at the main pool, which extends seamlessly to the outdoor area. Amidst the array of lounging options near the poolside, a captivating design highlight awaits on a slightly elevated platform in the center of the room. From this vantage point, one can relish the picturesque view across the pool, extending towards the serene swimming pond. The surrounding ambiance is enhanced by the presence of floating light linen curtains that gracefully change in color, transitioning from light tones to deeper shades closer to the floor.

This captivating airiness of the space is further accentuated by the presence of a continuous rough-surfaced wall, artfully incorporated throughout the entire wellness area, serving as a symbolic nod to the element of earth. The interplay of contrasting elements creates an inviting and harmonious atmosphere, inviting guests to bask in the tranquil surroundings and immerse themselves in a truly rejuvenating experience.

Located on the upper floor, the new à la carte restaurant Ess-Enz embodies a captivating fusion of all elements. When viewed from the south side, the building seamlessly blends with the natural landscape at this level, displaying a subtle yet harmonious architectural presence that respects the terrain. The integration of expansive glass fronts and carefully placed recessed skylights create a sense of airy lightness, offering guests breathtaking vistas of the tranquil pond, inviting pool, and the expansive sky.

Inside, the restaurant’s interior features beautifully designed ceiling elements made of organic wood, adorned with hanging plants that mimic the contours of a mountain peak. Wooden lights, laser-cut to perfection, appear to vibrate with gentle air circulation, further enhancing the perception of weightlessness. Complementing this ethereal atmosphere, the compact seating islands, adorned with fabric covers featuring both plain and patterned designs, offer a sense of grounding and comfort for diners.

The combination of these thoughtful design elements results in an exceptional dining experience, where guests can savor not only the delectable cuisine but also the harmonious ambiance that seamlessly connects with the beauty of the natural surroundings.

Adjacent to the restaurant, a delightful sun terrace awaits, offering captivating views of the majestic mountain panorama and the serene meadows. This inviting space is distinguished by the unique design of its projecting roofs, artfully tilted to create an ever-changing architectural silhouette, transforming with each viewing angle. The resulting open space between two enclosed structures contributes to an exhilarating experience that significantly impacts the perception of the surrounding landscape.

Separated from the restaurant by the sun terrace, you’ll find two additional relaxation rooms. One is adorned with natural stone elements, embodying the essence of earth, while the other boasts sisal surfaces, allowing a seamless connection with the open air. From these serene spaces, guests can conveniently access the basement and the main pool, thereby completing the entire cycle of the wellness area. This harmonious design brings the building back into perfect fusion with the enchanting landscape, providing an immersive and rejuvenating experience for all who visit.

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