Acumin Pro, an extensive font family consisting of 90 fonts.

Designed by Robert Slimbach and published by Adobe, Acumin Pro is a versatile sans-serif type family that can be used for both text and headlines. Its clean, modern look is a great choice for infographics, wayfinding systems, branding, and other contemporary designs. Typeface designer Robert Slimbach has managed to add a subtle balance to the modular shapes, which is essential to the neo-grotesque tradition. Packed with 90 subfamilies and lots of typographic features, this family is made for professional typography whether print or on screen. We could tell you a lot more about this beautiful font family but you should test it for yourself. For further information on all buying choices and typographic features, just follow the link below. Adobe’s Acumin Pro font family is available for purchase on Fontspring.

Feel free to download the whole family here.

Acumin Pro font family from Adobe.
Acumin Pro font family from Adobe.
Acumin Pro font family from Adobe.
Acumin Pro font family from Adobe.

Feel free to purchase the entire family at Fontspring.

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