In the picturesque village of Malá Úpa, nestled within the stunning Krkonoše Mountains, stands a remarkable modern family house designed by the visionary minds at mar.s architects. A testament to the fusion of historical inspiration and contemporary functionality, this dwelling seamlessly marries centuries-old wisdom of mountain living with the demands of modern residential comfort.

A family house in Dolní Malá Úpa by Dolní Malá Úpa
A family house in Dolní Malá Úpa by Dolní Malá Úpa. Photographs by BoysPlayNice.

Positioned thoughtfully on the western sloping mountain meadow of the boundary ridge, the house pays homage to local customs by its deliberate distance from the road and alignment with the ridge. Drawing from the iconic shapes of historical mountain houses, it encapsulates these forms while embracing contemporary architectural principles.

At first glance, the house’s form strikes with its simplicity—a notably elongated structure poised upon a sturdy plinth adorned in locally sourced stone. Above this foundation, untreated wood adorns the volume, gradually evolving in appearance over time to don a silvery-grey patina. The white-painted battens between the facade planks emerge as striking accents, ensuring durability in the rigorous conditions of the mountains.

The roof, featuring a gabled design swathed in black-lacquered aluminum sheeting, introduces a deliberate aesthetic with a pair of set-back dormers. One, entirely clad in roof sheeting, faces the road, while the larger dormer, gracing the bedroom and overlooking breathtaking vistas, boasts a wooden-clad facade.

Expanding the western section, a veranda reminiscent of historical cottage extensions adds a touch of nostalgia. Partially covered with vertical lathing, it creates a visual transition between indoors and outdoors, softened by a contemporary open steel terrace that seems to float above the terrain—especially notable in harsh weather when visibility wanes.

The contrast between the open veranda and the more closed-off facade facing the road is deliberate. The latter conceals less accentuated elements, with the exception of the black entrance steel box—a striking feature guarding against direct weather impact.

Upon entering through the steel box, visitors are welcomed into a vestibule that seamlessly flows into the spacious living area—a focal point of the house. Stairs lead to the basement, housing a home wellness and sports area, or ascend to the attic solely dedicated to bedrooms.

Within, the interior concept mirrors the house’s modest yet dignified character, fostering a haven for the family amidst mountain storms. Wood takes center stage, complemented by subtle hues and meticulously chosen craftsmanship and artistic elements, creating a sense of warmth and comfort.

This modern family house in the Krkonoše Mountains not only stands as a tribute to historical architectural heritage but also encapsulates the spirit of contemporary mountain living—a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, tailored to embrace the beauty and challenges of its majestic surroundings.

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