The team of Rubio & del Amo created a beautiful brand identity for LA MADRUGADA based on illustrations and typography.

Rubio & del Amo is a Spanish graphic design studio specializing in editorial design, brand identities, and packaging. In their work aesthetics and concept are equally important to provide a direct benefit for their clients.

In 2020, the studio was asked to work on a brand identity for bakery LA MADRUGADA. The result is a fresh visual experience based on lovely illustrations and typography. Just have a look below. For more of Rubio & del Amo’s creative work, please visit their website or check out their impressive portfolio.

LA MADRUGADA branding by Rubio & del Amo

All images © by Rubio & del Amo. Do not hesitate to check out our popular Graphic Design, Branding, and Packaging Design categories.

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