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Kayto – multiple classification type family from Majestype

Designed by Erwin Indrawan and Dexsar Harry Anugrah of foundry Majestype, Kayto is a multi classification type family with lots of typographic extras. It includes different handwriting styles as well as a sans serif and an extensive set of playful doodles. Furthermore, the family is equipped with more than 600 glyphs and countless OpenType features such as Ligatures, Alternates, Swashes, etc. Feel free to get more details below or click on the following link.

You can purchase the full family as introductory offer on Fontspring.

Over 600 glyphs and lots of OpenType features
Over 600 glyphs and lots of OpenType features.

The calligraphic handwriting styles have been drawn originally with a real brush on paper. The style of Kayto Script beautifully combines the look of cursive writing with an East Asian calligraphy flair. Because of its natural origins, the full family is well suited to complement earthy designs and illustrations. The different styles can be combined easily to create melodic titles for a variety of applications. To know more about this unique family, just follow the link below.

Do not hesitate to purchase the family on Fontspring.

Kayto font family, Alternate characters
It is filled with lots of alternate characters.
Kayto font family, example of use.
An example of use. The family works great with illustrations.

The complete family is available for purchase on Fontspring.


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