Fratelli Patricola – Handcrafted Italian Clarinets, a sophisticated rebrand concept created by Andrew Colin Beck as final student project at Brigham Young University.

Since 1976, the Patricola Brothers have been crafting finest Italian clarinets for leading musicians from around the globe. This outstanding rebrand concept represents Andrew Colin Beck’s final student project at Brigham Young University. His creative work included the development of a new monogram, typographic system, correspondence, and packaging. The project was completed 1.5 years after its inception. The wooden box was created by an old carpenter in Barcelona. Andrew Colin Beck shot the photographs in a 300 year old room in Palermo, Italy. Some images of the project can be found below. For those who want to see more of Andrew’s amazing work, please visit his website.

Andrew Colin Beck design, Italian clarinets since 1976.
Italian clarinets since 1976.
Andrew Colin Beck design, finest packaging.
Finest packaging made from aged wood.
Andrew Colin Beck design, sophisticated typography and layout.
Sophisticated typography and layout.
Andrew Colin Beck design, brochure and brand catalog.
Brochure and brand catalog.
Andrew Colin Beck design, envelope.
Envelope with a print inside.
Andrew Colin Beck design, business cards.
Business cards.
Andrew Colin Beck design, elegant print design.
Elegant print design.
Andrew Colin Beck design, clarinet in its wooden box.
A clarinet in its wooden box.
Fratelli Patricola - Italian clarinets rebrand design by Andrew Colin Beck.
Italian clarinets rebrand design by Andrew Colin Beck.

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