Distrito Films – Production Company Identity

Corporate identity design by Anagrama Studio for Mexican production company Distrito Films.

Established in 2000, Distrito Films is an independent film production company based in Mexico City. Since then, Distrito Films has grown to one of Mexico’s top production companies. They work with talented directors and actors to produce films for the global market. To achieving a bigger reach in countries such as United States, France, Spain, Canada, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, Distrito Films has commissioned the creative people of Anagrama Studio to to renew their existing visual experience. Feel free and read more below the first image.

Distrito Films corporate identity by Anagrama Studio.
Distrito Films corporate identity by Anagrama Studio.

The Distrito Films rebranding case study.

After an initial briefing and countless hours of brainstorming, the design team came up with the idea of creating a corporate identity based on symbolism in cinema. Their design solution refers to the typical multiburst test patterns that occur during the calibration process of a video. The chosen color palette refers to the colors generated during the adjustment of sharpness and color temperature. The whole corporate identity is deeply characterized by the technical aspects of the film industry.

Anagrama’s new identity solution adds a more contemporary look and feel to Distrito Films’ personality. Below you can find a few more examples of the new brand identity. For more of Anagrama’s graphic work, please visit some of their older projects here or visit their website.

Symbolism in cinema.
Symbolism in cinema.
Mexican actor Danny Trejo.
The independent film production company works with famous actors like Danny Trejo.
Stationery system.
Here you can see the well designed stationery system.
Business cards based on symbolism in cinema.
Some print products based on symbolism in cinema.
Printed collateral.
Here you can see some examples of the printed collateral.
Gold foil effect.
A stylish gold foil effect on black paper.
Graphic symbolism.
The design is based on simple graphic symbolism.

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