Daniel Ehrenworth – Photographer Identity

A vibrant and colorful photographer identity created by Underline Studio for Daniel Ehrenworth.

Toronto-based commercial photographer Daniel Ehrenworth is well known for his bold and colorful imagery. Underline Studio was asked to create a visual identity inspired by both 1970s film titles and the vivid style of The Muppet Show. Underline’s creative team developed a simple and yet playful graphic concept that combines both influences. The result is a visual language based on a rich mix of colors, images, and bold typography. They skillfully managed to transform these 1970s influences into a modern identity. A range of accompanying printed promo materials received a special finish by high gloss and spot matte varnish. In addition, different quotes in bold letters create a playful take on Daniel’s photographic style and his exuberant personality.

Check out some examples of this vibrant identity solution below. In addition, you can find more of Underline Studio’s graphic work on their website or have a look at Daniel Ehrenworth’s portfolio. All images below have been taken by himself.

Daniel Ehrenworth – photographer identity by Underline Studio.
Daniel Ehrenworth, a vibrant and colorful photographer identity created by Underline Studio.
Bold identity design reminiscent of the 1970s.
The bold identity design is reminiscent of the 1970s.
Two-sided business cards.
Two-sided business cards. Daniel Ehrenworth’s forename was divided into 2 parts. The first part “Dan” was printed on the front and the second part “iel” on the back of the business card.
Stationery set.
The stationery set looks simple and yet playful and unique.
Printed collateral.
Here you can see an example of the printed collateral with a striking color gradient.
Vibrant and colorful graphic design.
Underline Studio’s vibrant and colorful graphic design reflects the style of the Toronto-based commercial photographer.

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