Black River Festival – Identity by Bocanegra Studio

Event identity development by Bocanegra Studio for Black River Festival.

Black River Festival is an independent cultural event that takes place at the picturesque surroundings of the Nera River valley in Italy. The festival aims to create a connection between nature, art, and all kinds culinary delights. Combined with local foods and wine, people can enjoy a varied range of art performances such as music, dance, and theater. Terni based design studio Bocanegra was asked to develop a suitable visual identity for the first edition of the Black River Festival. Get more details below.

Black River Festival stationery set.
The Black River Festival stationery set and a wide range of branding materials.

Using bold typography and diverse illustrations in a monochromatic deep blue color scheme, their identity proposal combines all characteristic elements of the event such as music, river, nature, dance, food, etc. Furthermore, a wavy graphic symbolises the water of the river as well as the flowing of time. The color palette of pink and blue refers to the atmosphere of a sunset. The event begins in the afternoon and runs until late into the night. Therefore, the color scheme of the headline comprises all shades that the sun takes from the yellow of noon to the purple of a sunset.

Bocanegra Studio has designed a wide range of communication and branding materials such as stationery, posters, brochures, billboard ads, etc. A few examples can be found below. For more information, please visit Bocanegra’s website or follow the studio on Behance.

Business cards.
Two-sided business cards.
Event poster.
Event poster example.
Event identity development by studio Bocanegra.
Event identity development by Italian studio Bocanegra.
Advertising panel.
View of an advertising panel.
Brochure design.
Brochure design.

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